Episode 1: We eat what we love

In this episode, Noa Schisterman (’22) talks to us about sexual cannabilism: a phenomenon where an animal eats its mate prior to, during, or after copulation. Noa asks… WHY??? Join them as they walk us through several scientific studies to probe potential explanations for why sexual cannibalism exists, and what can we learn from it. … Continue reading Episode 1: We eat what we love

Episode 2: Fatal Attraction

In most species, including humans, there is a balance between sex and survival. Some species, however, use a mating strategy called semelparity, in which they engage in a single, often excessive, mating episode before death. Join Brandon Alonso (’22) as he tells us about semelparity in several species, including pacific salmon and octopuses. Are the … Continue reading Episode 2: Fatal Attraction

Episode 3: The Menopod

As they reach their late 40s or early 50s, most menstruating people stop having a monthly period, a transition we refer to as Menopause. Despite the fact that this hormonal change happens to half of the population, it is understudied and poorly understood. In this episode, Isabella Ravaglia (’22) tells us about cognitive changes during … Continue reading Episode 3: The Menopod

Episode 4: Intergalactic

In this episode, Sarah Blossom (’22) takes us on a journey through space as she tries to answer the question “are men from Mars and women from Venus?” Sarah teaches us about the concept of sexual dimorphisms in the brain: the idea that there are small but measurable sex differences in the average size of … Continue reading Episode 4: Intergalactic

Episode 5: Twenty-three & me & you

Are some people destined to be unhappy in relationships? Should you be taking a genetic testing kit on your next first date? Tune in as Zoe Frazer-Klotz (’22) tells you about a recent study in which researchers correlated women’s oxytocin receptor genotype with measures of their relationship quality. You won’t want to miss Zoe’s thorough … Continue reading Episode 5: Twenty-three & me & you

Episode 6: Now I know my BDNFs

Listen in as Annette Lee (’22) tells you about Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, or BDNF, a protein that is involved in well… maybe everything?! How do we study the function of a molecule that is expressed all over the brain and body and seems to play a role in so many processes? Annette digs in … Continue reading Episode 6: Now I know my BDNFs

Episode 7: A “net” to catch neurological diseases

There are known sex differences in many neurological diseases. For example, more women than men develop Alzheimer’s Disease and women tend to decline faster than men. What can explain this difference? One potential piece of the puzzle may be an extra-cellular structure in the brain called perineuronal nets, which envelop neurons and are important for … Continue reading Episode 7: A “net” to catch neurological diseases

Episode 8: The nose knows

Are there any scents or smells that you find particularly pleasing? Have you ever wondered if those smells might enhance your romantic or sexual pleasure? If so, then you’re in luck! Jackie Corbin (’22) will tackle this topic, bringing in data from humans and rodents. Learn how the brain processes olfactory information in a way … Continue reading Episode 8: The nose knows

Episode 9: Cuffing season

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, maybe you’re finding yourself looking for a partner to cozy up to every night? Or maybe you’re hoping to stay unattached and mingle at as many holiday parties as you can? Can your genes explain this difference? Join Sophia Nicolayevsky (’22) as she explains whether … Continue reading Episode 9: Cuffing season

Episode 10: Morning cup of whoa

Is that morning cup (or two or three) of coffee stimulating more than just your ability to get your day going? Join Seabrook Jeffcoat (’22) as she tells you about the effects of caffeine on sexual motivation. How does coffee tap into motivational systems in your brain? What happens when rats are given caffeine before … Continue reading Episode 10: Morning cup of whoa